Modern Family Valentines

In February 2007, Shira Spector created Not Your Grandma’s Valentines for distribution to families across Toronto to coincide with the My Family Matters! Schools Project, a group initiative by Sherbourne Health Centre, 519 Community Centre, EGALE: Canada Human Rights Trust, and Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People to make schools safe and welcoming for kids from all family configurations.


Since then they have passed hand to hand across Canada and the USA, travelling as far as Ireland & Scotland. They are used as educational & community building tools in elementary, high school and university classrooms, gay straight alliances, LGBT youth conferences, libraries, public health offices, old age homes and day care centres.


The current series of valentines were made possible in part by a Rainbow Grant from the Community One Foundation Toronto & the unwavering support of Rebecca Marcus.

Big Throbbing Heart On

Michael Lyons, Daily Feb.12, 2014

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All artwork © Shira Spector, Photos: Avi Spector